Big Buddy World’s mission is to create Innovative and Happy Learning Spaces!!!

The Name & Logo :

The logo talks a lot about the positive intention of the organisation.

The name Big Buddy World got coined because children love to address me as Big Buddy- their friend. This helps me to relate to them at their level thus making the communication two-way.

The logo talk about the belief that space inside the four walls are not the only space of learning. Learning can happen anywhere as long as we can provide the right atmosphere of learning. Big Buddy World believes in creating spaces which can be integrated into the learning objective.

The woman or man (based on interpretation) busy reading a book talks about the importance of reading and stories in the world of communication, literacy and imaginative skills.

The butterflies flying out of the books talk about the freedom of thought, creative thinking, wings to your imagination, happiness, joy and importance of stories which help you travel places.

The orange butterfly passes on the message of “JUST BE YOU”.

A message I believe each child and adult should be aware of.

All our activities whether storytelling, reading, personal story spaces etc believes in providing an innovative space for learning and freedom to believe in you and “Just Be you”

Let’s innovate learning spaces together

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