The Logo Communicates:

The tree implies nature, shade, a gathering point and learning is not limited within four walls.

Reading a book shows the importance of stories, knowing a culture, sharing of a culture, sharing of emotions, ideas, knowledge; developing language and feeling empowered.

The butterfly – freedom to your imagination and “just be you”.

Big Buddy World Provides:

  1. It’s a level-wise Reading Programme

  2. Age Group: 3 to 7 years

  3. It starts with a Red Level and ends with a White Level and each level has certain objectives mapped towards the main objective of creating independent readers and loving the language and books.

  4. The methodologies adopted are fun filled, activity-oriented and concentrated on developing the reading skills, reading etiquettes of the target group and also help to develop a reading environment in their homes by the involvement of parents.

  5. It integrates phonetics, sight words, high frequency words, storytelling, concepts of reading and lot of fun and joy.

  6. It offers as an :

    A) Integrated Reading Programme in Schools to develop a Reading

    B) After-School Reading Programme on a profit-sharing or Rental basis.

    C) Workshops with Parents to develop Reading skills and create a Reading Environment at home

  7. Commercials vary as per the programme opted for.

Jolly Phonics training programme involves the training in correct letter sounds through child-friendly songs and actions, teaching methodologies, usage of blending, decoding, segmenting techniques.

  1. Jolly Phonics training for teachers
  2. Jolly Phonics Training for Parents
  3. Jolly Phonics Training for Students

BBW storytelling programme deals with integrating literacy skills and various other concepts with storytelling.

  1. Storytelling Training for Teachers
  2. Storytelling Events in Schools, libraries
  3. Storytelling training for Parents
  4. Issue-based Storytelling for adults to initiate open discussions

BBW products are all aimed towards language development.

  1. BBW Flash Cards
  2. BBW Worksheets
  3. BBW Story Cloth
  4. BBW Board games
  5. BBW Story cards
  6. BBW Story Cue cards
  7. BBW Sound Integrated and Reading Integrating Story Books
  8. BBW Children’s Story Books

This is space to network with different kinds of Indian and International storytellers, authors and create a space for children, parents and educators to interact and learn #BBWStorytellerConnexions.

BBW Rolling Carpets aims at highlighting issues of children through street theatre kind of activity aimed towards initiating a discussion and talking about issues and solutions.

This is an attempt to reinvent family story space and create an awareness about the importance of early intervention through stories to develop reading skills, communication skills and socio-emotional skills.

The above activities are available as Integrated School Activities and also as After-School Activities.


The commercials vary based on the kind of programmes, number of children, duration, number of hours.

Our Clients:

Gopal Sharma Blooming Buds, Powai.

Green Acres Academy, Chembur.

Thakur International School, Kandivali.

Eager Beavers Preschool and Day Care Centres at different places.

Munchkins Preschool and Day Care Centres.

Ecole Mondiale World School, Juhu.

Prime Academy, Marol.

SVKM School, Ville Parle.

St. Gregoris School, Chembur.

Bombay Scottish, Mahim.

Navy School, Colaba.

SSRVM School, Borivli.

Storytelling at international Storytelling Festivals, Chennai Storytelling Festivals, other festivals and at various school, libraries, museums, NGOs and Corporates.

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